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What's inside? 

Your one stop resource for all things mobile and location.


We get it. The mobile and location world can be complex, complicated and confusing. That's why we've built a portal in which you, our valued partner, can access materials and information that can help you make sense of the chaos. 

Here's what you can find in this all new resource center: 

  • Access into our Mobile Certification course 
  • Marketing materials for your immediate use for your local clients
  • Industry insights to bring you up to speed on the verticals that matter to you
  • Got questions? We've got answers. Growing FAQ section addresses your curiosities 
  • Get to know us! Take a peek at current GroundTruth news and events 

Why Should I Login?

Lean on us to be your guide! 

As the leader in the location space, we have a wealth of knowledge, information and materials to give you confidence when speaking to your clients about mobile and location. 

This resource will be your one stop shop for you to access everything you'll need to catch up on this fast paced, ever evolving space. 

Mobile Certification

Our thirteen module course walks you through all the nuances of mobile and location with quizzes to reinforce your learning. Arm yourself with education by taking our course! 

Marketing Materials 

Sometimes a proper debrief with your clients aren't always possible. In those instances, we've made one sheets available to help start the conversation and answer those basic questions. 


Speaking of basic questions, we're sure you've got them. And perhaps, some that are a bit more complex. Well, we hear you. Take a peek at our FAQ section to see if we don't already have answers to some of your burning questions. 

News and Events 

We're people too! Here at GroundTruth, we endeavor to participate in the conference circuit to meet all of you. We host some pretty cool events ourselves and, if we're lucky, get some press in the trades from the great work our team puts out. Learn more inside! 

Questions You Can Answer Once Logged In
  • When I buy a billboard or print ad, I can see it. But how can I see my mobile ad? 
  • How can my automotive client leverage location in their campaigns?
  • Is mobile advertising actually a thing? I'm afraid I probably missed the boat on this already. 
  • I only want to serve ads in specific ads. Can you guys do that for me?